New Year, New Language

Switching algorithm languages from JavaScript to Python

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The very first language I started off learning was JavaScript. Even before going into my coding bootcamp, I had a familiarity with the basics of JavaScript. As I became formally acquainted with it through the bootcamp, I encountered a lot of the commmon difficulties coders have when using the language. The language itself was more readable than the other languages I knew at the time, but the “anything goes” syntax and code flow of Javascript had me lost. For a while my confidence was truly shaken, and with enough studying I passed my assessment to continue the curriculum and start React/Redux.

JavaScript quickly reappeared back into my life though React via JSX. Ironically, I found myself enjoying JSX as I began building frontend applications with React and Redux. With my newly found enthusiasm for JSX and in effort to sharpen my skills, I decided to use JavaScript as my chosen language on LeetCode. Immediately I felt the same feeling of confusion when constructing solutions. With the year coming to a close and my comfortability getting less and less, I was in need for a change. I knew I couldn’t truly be a great React developer if my JavaScript skills are lacking. I realized the best thing to do for myself was to take a step back, reteach myself the basics, and in the meanwhile, use a different language.

Python was always on my list of languages I wanted to learn coming out of my bootcamp. In my job search it became evident how popular the language was and saw it in my best interest to learn in order to be a propspective candidate. An even bigger motivator for me to learn it was the fact that my peers were building projects with it. With the help of my peers I was shown the basics and found the language the most comprehensive to learn and read. An added advantage was how powerful the language is, that I would be able to solve algorithms which brevity compared to solving them in JavaScript. And with my knowledge of prior languages, I knew I was well equipped to understand crossover concepts and terminology.

So while I continue reimmersing myself in the basics of JavaScript, I look forward to learning Python and other adventures that await! The future LeetCode articles on solution walk throughs will be predominantly done in Python from now on. With that being said, I’m always open to any corrections or other solutions! Thanks for following my articles, looking forward to what this year has in store!



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Melissa Guachun

Software Developer and visual artist based in NYC. Join me on my journey to coding enlightenment or a torrential mental breakdown, whichever comes first.